Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hey everyone! Brandon and I have our own blog now. This one will no longer be updated. Our new blog is Hope you join us there!

Friday, April 1, 2011


I got a canoe! Thanks right a canoe! whoo hoo. Don't worry it's not one of those hard old fashioned canoes. It is... brace yourself... a blow up canoe! That's right this baby is 100% inflatable!!! Not to mention that it is bright yellow, and it has two bright blue seats. I'm pretty sure that if you see anyone in a bright yellow canoe rowing away, it might be me! I'm so excited to go boating (I guess it could be called that)! I have only been able to blow it up in the living room due to bad weather, but soon I will be able to take it out on the water! Yahoo!!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

...crazy time...

What do you do on a Saturday that is 57 degrees and you don't even have to work? What do I do? Well for starters on this lovely day I showed up at my mom's house with my cowboy boots on, not just on but tucked into my Yankee's PJ pants. To top it off I had my I {heart} Hannah Montana shirt that I made. [P.S. there are only two of those in the whole world. A very rare collectible.]... Then my sister and I decided that we were going to take pictures... so we did. We put on my hippi headbands that I made about a month ago, and off we went. We went to this awesome location, and we took some really great shots. But the best part was when we messed around. We were trying really hard to get a shot of us jumping up in the air. We couldn't seem to do if for the longest time. It was getting so frustrating... how hard is it to get a picture of you jumping in theair? Finally... SUCCESS!!!!! YAHOO!!! It was awesome! We got more than just this shot, but this picture is probably my favorite picture of Mattie and I... EVER! Thanks Mattie for being my #1 sister... even if you are my only sister . haha

Saturday, February 5, 2011

4 in 1

Today we went to Provo...UVU... for state drill. And Mohey Tawa took second! Whoo hoo! Way to go Mattie! I'm so proud of you! Well on our way home we stopped at Nephi to get a drink for the way home. At first I was confused as to how to get my drink out of the machine, but then I figured out that I just pushed the button. But I have NEVER seen fountain drinks like this...and I'm pretty sure that they're the coolest fountains ever! They only have 4 things for drinks, and they have 2 for flavors. Not only do they have cherry and vanilla flavoring, but they also have coconut! How freaking cool is that! I love it! I want to find one here, because I would seriously start getting my drinks at that gas station just to use the wicked awesome fountain drinks. My brother said there's one in Parowan, but I'm not driving 18 minutes to get a drink, so until I find one it town I'll just have to deal with it. But aren't these seriously the coolest! Haha can you just imagine me in Flying J at Nephi taking a picture of the fountain drinks, haha!

Valentine's Day quote :) : "You don't step in to love, you fall in. Head over heels. Have you ever seen someone fall head over heels in love? It's ugly, bro. Toxic, septic."

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

the month of LOVE...

Valentines Day is right around the corner. Although there is no guarantee that I will even have a Valentine I love this holiday. I have already watched Valentines Day five times the past 2 weeks! I love that movie! It makes me want a Valentine real bad. And I think it has some great quotes! So every blog this month will end with a quote from that movie, just to keep the feeling of love in the air. whoop whoop p.s. if you're having a downer of a day watch this movie

"Because this girl, she is great! She's like... like sunshine. Everything is better when she's there. I can't stand the idea of some jerk hurting her, I just can't. I can't."

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Remember when you were little and you wanted the zebra gum so bad because it came with those SWEET tattoos! I sure do... and I bought some of it the other day! YAY! It was so good, and those tats are as awesome as ever. The flavor of the gum is good, but short lived, which I do not remember. I think me and Mattie went through 15 pieces in about 2 hours. Good thing we got tattoos!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

...for more than just reading...

I have been trying to find a wreath since after Christmas! I cannot find one that I wanted to buy or even to buy. I could only find those ugly old grandma wreaths, and I'm not trying to be rude or put a damper on those, but I do not want one of those on my door. So I told a lady I work with, Jeri, and she has been on the look out for me! Whoo hoo! Well about two weeks ago Jeri told me to go into scrapgal and check out a wreath they had made out of old books! How cool is that?! So I went into scrapgal and guess what... they didn't even have it anymore! So I had to go back and tell Jeri. Well she said that's ok! I'll just show you. Well the one they had in scrapgal probably took three and a half days to make, so Jeri found a wreath made out of old books that was still cute, but much easier. So yesterday we made them! They are so so so cute! I'm going to put some Valentine stuff in this wreath. Then I'm going to make another one, and I'm going to put glitter on the edge of my pages with some other stuff! I cannot wait!

My wreath!

Pages up close